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Boxelder Bug & Apple Resources

by Sam Johnson

November Apples!   
Generally, the Haralson apples are harvested from the end of September into October, but because the season got off to a slow start and ended with this glorious golden stretch of warm weather, the apples continued to grow and sweeten into November.
Apple lovers and pie makers know the Haralson apple as one of the best “bakers,”  and is the predominant apple used for making pies. It is crisp and tart and will keep all winter long if stored in a root cellar or refrigerator.

 Boxelder Bugs Galore!
But, the warm weather has also created a bountiful bunch of something else not nearly as wonderful – boxelder bugs!
Usually, the black and red beetles show up at our place in the fall when the warm rays of the Indian summer sun heat up the south side of the house. Generally, they are so few in number it's no big deal.
But this year, "cute" is the last thing these beetles are being called as they cling to the south walls of many local homes in clusters as big as your fist.


Boxelder Bug news from the Minnesota Extension Service

"Boisea trivittata" better known as the "Boxelder bug"

Haralson Apple Harvest

Recipes for Haralson apples

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