Resources & Links for Veterans Day

By Sam Johnson

     Veterans Day was originally Armistice Day.
     The word “armistice” is derived from the Latin “arma” meaning arms, and “stare,” the infinitive form of the Latin verb “sto” meaning to stand. Armistice literally means to stack arms or stand them still.
     It is a suspension of hostilities by agreement -- a truce between belligerent parties.
     Armistice Day was originally designed to mark the cessation of hostilities in “The Great War” (World War I), and has been celebrated on November 11th since the signing of the Armistice document on that date in 1918.
     Then in 1954 Congress passed a bill changing “Armistice Day” to “Veterans Day” in order to commemorate the service of those who fought in all wars.
     Veterans Day has now become a legal holiday in practically all states and is set aside to remember all our nation’s devastating conflicts, the soldiers who fought in them, and the results they wrought.

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