Girl Scout Resources

By Sam Johnson
    The Girl Scouts got into cookie making back in 1932 when a group of Girl Scouts in Philadelphia held a cooking demonstration in order to earn their cooking badges. They gave away the cookies they baked to passers-by, and were surprised at how quickly the cookies disappeared.
    The next year they again baked their cookies, but this time sold them in order to help pay off the expense of their summer camp programs.

    Their venture was so successful that in 1934 they went commercial, contracting with the Keebler Baking Company to bake their iconic trefoil-shaped shortbread cookies which they sold for 23 cents a box.

    The cookies were a big hit, and in 1936 the Girl Scouts went national with their cookies, later expanding their shortbread line to other types of cookies including the Thin Mints.

    And the rest, as they say, is cookie history.


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