Home to Hallingdal

posted Oct 15, 2016, 9:50 AM by Sam Johnson   [ updated Oct 16, 2016, 12:03 AM ]
Friday, 14 October 2016
   Mary Ann headed home to Hallingdal today!
   I went with her.
   The bus left Nesparken in Moss at 7:45 AM. There was a one hour stop in Oslo, then on to Nesbyen, Hallingdal where we arrived at 12:20 noon, met by Mary Ann's "tremeninger" (second cousin) Gunvor Marie, smiling from ear to ear!
    We traveled by bus to Nesbyen mainly because the Norwegian train system (NSB) is not operating fully, especially around Oslo and Bergen, because the engineers are on strike. It's an interesting political situation, because it is a "legal strike."
    At any rate, the bus ride from Moss south of Oslo up into the Hallingdal valley is gorgeous this time of year; October orange and yellow speckle the green pine-covered hills!
    We received very warm greetings from Gunvor Marie and husband Ole, and very much enjoyed catching up on family news since our last visit here in May 2013.
    For dinner, Gunvor made for us the traditional autumn meal of "fårikål" (lamb and cabbage stew). This special National meal coincides with the annual round up of sheep from the mountain. The Fårikål is spiced with peppercorns, and it was a delightful treat for us! "Det smakte så godt!"
    After dinner we looked at pictures from a new book about Nesbyen and Hallingdal which included pictures from the family farm here at Rudingen (home of Mary's mother's father Eivind Sørbøen) including a photo of Gunvor Marie's sheep walking back from their pasture in "håvardsøyne."
    Later that evening after a very long and cozy ("koselig") visit, we concluded the evening with typical ("typisk") "kveldsmat" (evening food) of "smørbrød" (open faced sandwiches) with "gravlaks" (cured salmon), various cheeses including "brunost" (brown goat cheese), various jellies including the very special Norwegian "multebær" (cloud berry) and "ripsbær" (red currant berry), cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, and such! 
     It was a lovely end to the day, and start of a nice weekend visit!