Megga Co-op!

posted Sep 9, 2016, 3:06 AM by Sam Johnson   [ updated Sep 9, 2016, 3:08 AM ]
Friday, 9 Sept. 2016
   Found the MEGGA CO-OP in Moss!
   I'm not certain if this store is really a co-op, or just a name, but the store does carry a few items that seem to be significantly lower in price than the other grocery stores I've been shopping at, like REMA 1000.
   And I found my usual staples from the 4 major food groups -- bread, cheese, fish, liquids!
   I continue to enjoy a variety of hearty Norwegian breads, and am currently liking "Kneippbrød," (a slightly sweet tasting, coarse whole wheat bread) which seems to be the most popular, and the most ubiquitous (the first of my Norwegian students who defines this word for me will earn a bonus 5 points!) of the breads in Norway!
    FUN NORSK TRIVIA --  Kneippbrød is said to be named for a 19th century Bavarian priest named Sabastian Knneipp, whose recipe was brought to Norway by a Baker Hansen who licensed it in 1895. It became a huge favorite in Norway, and everywhere in Europe where bread is consumed! As of 2006, a reported 60 million loaves of this bread are consumed annually! 
    This bread goes amazingly well with brown cheese (I'm currently enjoying Gudbrandsdalsost), sardines or makrell, as well as fresh "laks" (salmon) and potatoes!