Moss Canal and Harbor

posted Oct 9, 2016, 3:37 AM by Sam Johnson
Friday, 7 October 2016
    Another fine fall day in Moss ... Mary Ann is almost fully acclimated now ... time for a harbor walk!
    We enjoyed a nice jaunt down to the harbor. The sun was out, the temperature 55 F (12 C), no wind, and plenty of people out and about shopping and strolling along the "Gågate" (walking street) to the town center (Moss Sentrum).
    Adults were having "kaffe og kake" at the street front cafes, children were playing in nearby play areas (it's still fall break here, so students are out of school today), and we soaked it all in.
    As we approached the open harbor area, the breeze off the Oslo fjord was salty, cool, and fresh. Seagulls squawked above us floating, bobbing about on the air current, searching for scraps of food we might have to offer. We had none.
    We walked along the Moss canal ("Mossekanalen") and across the canal bridge ("Kanalbrua") that links the island of Jeløya to the mainland at Moss, stopping to visit the famous Norwegian Lady of the Harbor who stands with vigilant eye and silent prayer for the sailors and others at sea. 
    On the walk back we stopped in a few shops, including the Husflid. These shops were originally part of the Norges Husflidslag, the national folk arts and crafts association that helped preserve and promote the traditional folk arts of Norway and can be found in larger towns. They carry many traditional items including yarn, fabrics & patterns, and specialty items for national costumes (bunads), though we've noticed a trend to including more upscale modern goods as well.
   Mary Ann also spotted a couple other håndverk butikks (handmade craft shops) and a second-hand store that she felt compelled to check out. (Mary has taken over the family role of favorite thrift store patron vacated by dad after his passing!) She bought some yarn at the sewing shop to make a head scarf while here, but didn't find anything at the second-hand shop ... this time.