Moss Harbor Walk

posted Oct 3, 2016, 6:27 AM by Sam Johnson   [ updated Oct 3, 2016, 6:32 AM ]
Sunday, 2 October 2016
   Another gorgeous October day, and another wonderful walkabout!
   Mid-morning was a chilly 41 F (5 C), but I was indoors doing a little "fall cleaning" in preparation for Mary Ann's arrival. (She's flying here to join me in Moss, Norway until my teaching stint at the American College of Norway is over).
   By 2 PM I was finished and ready for some fresh air. It was 58 (14 C) at that point...sunny, no wind, perfect for a harbor walk!
   So, I walked down to the harbor to watch the fishermen on the pier. Then strolled along the "Mossekanalen" (Moss Canal, a 60-ft. wide waterway) and over the Canal Bridge ("Kanalbrua") that links the island of Jeløya on the Oslo Fjord to the mainland at Moss, turning it into a peninsula.
Jeløya is said to be the largest island in the Oslo Fjord and is made up of lava rock (though the terrain is lush with forests, fields, and flowers!). Not only that, but "the largest Norwegian moraine from the Ice Age crosses Jeløya, goes to the east of Moss...and continues through Sweden to Finland" !
    I also discovered two other special things about 
Jeløya -- the "Sjøbadet" (swimming beach), and the "Kyststien" (the Coastal Trail). It was a tad bit cold to go swimming, but the trail was nice, and I walked a mile or two along it before circling back.
   Plenty of others were out walking the trail, and some just enjoyed sitting in the sun along the shore near the statue of "The Norwegian Lady,"  watching the ferry from Horton pass back and forth, and perhaps like The Norwegian Lady, "wished all the men of the sea safe return home."

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