Munch in Moss

posted Sep 18, 2016, 2:43 AM by Sam Johnson   [ updated Sep 18, 2016, 4:15 AM ]
Sunday, 18 Sept. 2016

   Another gorgeous day, another wonderful walk, another fabulous find . . . 
   . . . Galleri F 15, located at the Alby Gård manor on the island of Jeløy, just outside Moss!
   A 3-mile hike along the fjord harbor, then uphill inland through a neatly groomed forest path, brought me to the bucolic Alby farm ideally located on a hilltop overlooking the Oslo fjord where this unique art gallery is located. 
   Said to be one of oldest art institutions of contemporary art in Norway, the Galleri F 15 is currently presenting an amazing exhibit titled "Fructbar Jord" (Fertile Soil): Edvard Munch in Moss 1913-16!" (exclamation by me!).
    No kidding! Munch lived and worked at 
Grimsrød farm just around the corner from the Alby manor from 1913-1916! His fame already established abroad (though total public acceptance of his work at home was still in the offing), Munch was intending a short hiatus from this "fame," relaxing at this beautiful island farm.
   But it turns out this 2-year hiatus became a very significant and cheerful period for Munch's life and work! It was during this time that Munch painted several of his most famous art pieces depicting rural life, as well as works depicting new themes of gardens and landscapes. In addition to several portraits of family members and patrons, he also painted his famous portrait "Workers on Their Way Home" (
Arbeidere på hjemvei).
   It is also during this short 2-year period at 
Grimsrød farm that Munch worked on the Auladekorasjonene (the Aula Decorations at the University of Oslo).
   According to the gallery program: "
The exhibition focuses on the local and earthy, and shows that Munch's years at Grimsrød farm in Moss is characterized by closeness to nature and people, motives Munch interpreted with pictorial power and freedom."

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