Norsk Carrot Curler

posted Sep 11, 2016, 2:29 AM by Sam Johnson
Saturday, 10 Sept. 2016
   This AMAZING NORWEGIAN CARROT CURLER is my NEW favorite kitchen gadget here in Norway!
   Ok, so I was teased repeatedly by my Norwegian students about my excitement over the NORWEGIAN WATER BOILER ... ("Sam, everyone in Norway has one of these!") but this is different!
   I pretty much knew what the boiler was going to do...but the carrot way!
   I came across it quite by accident while rummaging trough cupboard drawers and cabinets looking for a pencil sharpener.
   When I found this thing, I was stumped!
   Much too big for pencils!
    But when I asked my students about it...they gave me the scoop on the "gulerodsspidser" (carrot sharpener)!
    Maybe it's not as ubiquitous (the first Norwegian student who tells me what that means will get extra points) as the AMAZING WATER BOILER, but none the less, the carrot curler is a handy and fun kitchen gadget!

Norwegian Carrot Curler