Øystein Sunde

posted Sep 14, 2016, 1:58 PM by Sam Johnson   [ updated Sep 14, 2016, 2:16 PM ]
Wednesday, 14 Sept. 2016
   This evening I enjoyed the music and humor of a Norwegian singer-songwriter and guitar legend, a true original, Øystein Sunde!
   The music was easily translated (the humorous songs and jokes, not so easy for me), but make no mistake, the audience at this sold-out concert held at the Moss "Parkteatret" laughed and clapped all night long, and I reveled in it just as much, truly enjoying their enjoyment!
Øystein Sunde is perhaps best known for his satirical songs and lightening fast, tongue-twisting lyrics with unending comedic zingers that often catch the audience off guard. But Øystein Sunde is also a highly respected musician known for quick and precise finger work on the guitar and banjo, and reportedly has received high praise from guitar greats such as Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, and Keith Richards.
   Sunde is a versatile jazz guitarist who has played with jazz combos and Dixieland bands over the years, but really broke on the music scene in Norway in the  early 1970's with a string of satirical and comedic hit songs including "
Jaktprat."  Another hit song, "Kjekt å ha" was recorded in Nashville and featured Bela Fleck. His popularity not only put him on top of the music charts in Norway, but brought himTV appearances and eventually his own TV music show.
   A much adored performer with impeccable comedic timing, Sunde is presently touring again with new songs that were well received by the audience; but it was his "classics" they came to hear, sing along and laugh to.
   Mange tusen takk to one of my students, Christian Størseth, for not only telling me about this special event, but somehow snagging a couple box seats for us to enjoy this sold out concert! It was a very special treat for me!

Øystein Sunde Kjekt å ha