Super Boiler!

posted Sep 3, 2016, 12:49 PM by Sam Johnson   [ updated Sep 3, 2016, 1:14 PM ]
Saturday, 3 Sept. 2016
   This AMAZING NORWEGIAN WATER BOILER is my favorite kitchen gadget here in Norway!
   Ok, so this probably isn't a big deal to many of you ... but for folks like me who love to make tea in the evening, this is huge!
   My usual routine (Mary Ann calls it a "ritual"), is to fill up my whistling copper-bottom Revere Ware tea pot (Mom gave it to me when I took off for college many years ago, so it's now considered "vintage" on eBay and other such sites), place it on our electric ceramic-topped stove, and wait quite awhile for it to boil and set off the shrill whistle which pops me up from my easy chair, hopping to the kitchen to tend to before it boils all over the stove top and counter!
    But using this amazing electric boiler, the water is scalding hot in only a minute or three, AND... with the auto-shutoff, I don't have to worry about leaping up from my chair to shut it off before it boils all over the place!
    I'm using this all the time, and I suppose will have to check the stores when I get back home to see if I can find one!

Amazing Norwegian Water Boiler!