Verket History, Future

posted Sep 10, 2016, 4:38 AM by Sam Johnson   [ updated Sep 10, 2016, 4:59 AM ]
Saturday, 10 Sept. 2016
   I live in the "Verket" section of Moss, Norway on Verksgata where the American College of Norway is located.
   In fact, my faculty apartment is just a 3 min. walk to my office and campus classrooms!
   The Verket is an historic part of town located on the Oslo fjord and the river Mosseelva, which has been an ideal location for craftsmen and commerce and various industries including metal works, textiles, and home to the "papirverket" (paper mill).
    The Verket is where the workers lived and worked.
    In 2012 one of the last of these factories, the papirverket, was closed with ownership passing to the Norwegian developer Höegh Eiendom who has promised to transform the old paper plant into a modern and vibrant "green living environment"  that will preserve the appearance of the historic Verksgata, while incorporating new apartments, shopping, and office space.
    With easy access to the train that connects to Oslo in just 44 min., urban planners hope that Moss will become "the next Drammen!"