Lutefisk Links and Resources

By Sam Johnson

     Some Scandinavians and their descendants consider it a national disgrace while others (mostly non-Scandinavians), turn up their nose at it and tell disgusting jokes, some you’ve no doubt heard, such as how lutefisk got its yellow color.

    To the real lutefisk aFISHionados, it is a national treasure claimed by several Scandinavian countries (the Norwegians call it lutefisk and lay claim to discovering it, the Swedes call it lutfisk and say they ate it first, the Danes call it ludefisk and say they invented it).
     But however you like it (and some say you have to be force fed from birth to really like it), lutefisk is a “speciality” dish.
     Traditionally served in Norway for special occasions, lutefisk is made from dried cod (torsk or torrfisk) treated in a weak lye solution made from boiled birch ash. Lutefisk literally means “lye fish."
     Check out the links below for more "lutefisk literature,
and lore."


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