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By Sam Johnson

     Thanksgiving Day is a special day for Americans.
     It is a uniquely American holiday that is deeply rooted in our spirit, our history, our customs and traditions.
     It is a time when we focus our attention on our family and friends and the blessings we’ve received.
     Yet there are those who question how we can even think of giving thanks when we live in times of social and economic inequities.
     "How can we gorge ourselves on huge feasts of fine food," they ask, "and then sit back in our recliners, smug and self-satisfied with the way things are, when thousands go hungry, are homeless, or live alone?"
     This is certainly a viewpoint worth thinking about, reflecting on, and including in our Thanksgiving Day discussions.
     But It seems to me that by itself, this viewpoint misses the larger point of Thanksgiving.
     From the very first Thanksgiving, the point was not to dwell on the hardships and bad things in life, nor to gloat over how well off we are compared to others.
     Rather, the point is to reflect on the good things in our life, whatever they may be, (especially non-material things -- friendship, family ties, spiritual values, beauty, love, liberty), and to celebrate by giving thanks for the blessings associated with these things.

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